Your pathway to potential starts here.

Here you will become part of a network of Eco-Leaders who earn through doing good for the environment. In this programme, you will grow your Eco-Intelligence, build your Eco-leadership capacity, identify Eco-Opportunities as well as explore how you can turn your great idea into an Eco-Business. Let’s get ready to change the world!


Ecopreneurs takes you on a journey – of your choosing – where you lead the way in your growth and development, whilst placing Sustainable Development and Regeneration at the core of what you do. We will be releasing all four pillars, Eco-Intelligence, Eco-Leadership, Eco-Opportunities and Eco-Business over the next month. For now, explore our first three pillars, Eco-Intelligence, Eco-Leadership and Eco-Opportunities below.


This learning journey helps you better understand, analyse and respond to ecological challenges that may affect you directly (socially, economically, politically).
Grow Your Resilience


This learning journey grows leadership qualities and skills for people who want to develop a strong commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, in relationship with society, and the economy.
Lead the Change


This learning journey enables you to uncover and develop opportunities for participating in the green and blue economy in careers that do good for the environment while you earn an income.
Explore the Green & Blue Economy


This Learning journey helps you to develop the skills and capacities needed to start your own eco-business.

Ecopreneurs Pillars

If you would like to see the planned curriculum for the Ecopreneurs programme, you can view it here.