Choose your adventure

Atlas is an online learning platform where you can choose your pathway towards becoming a leader of your own life. These courses are free – designed to grow your skills in leadership, self-strengthening and sustainability literacy.

Want to boost your skills or to figure out how to navigate the world around you? Maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur or keen to flex your green muscles? Unlock an exciting journey to change your life…and the world.

The Atlas Academy seeks to support you in navigating the world around you through self-strengthening, transformational leadership and exploring the roles and responsibilities you hold in your communities.

Become an Ecopreneur. Here you will strengthen your eco-leadership and green entrepreneurial skills to navigate the ever-growing challenges that face us because of climate change and the Polycrisis.

In imagining the possibilities that should exist for young people - we see the benefits of creating opportunities for holistic development - as well as an exploration of a broader sense of responsibility young people play in shaping our present and future.


Atlas supports a young person in growing the capacity to fundamentally change their lives

This growth is as a result of a willingness to actively participate in the world around them, recognising that they can add value – their contributions matter. And that with a strengthened resilience, fresh set of skills, new knowledge, and a unique perspective of themselves – a young person CAN make a difference – the small action that leads to a significant tipping point.


Whether you’re curious about features, registering, or even getting your organisation’s content on Atlas, we’re here to answer any questions.


NB: Activate Academy Users

If you previously had an account on Activate Academy, you’ll need to reset your password to access Atlas. We’re still busy moving all of your accounts to Atlas, so if the system tells you your account doesn’t exist, you’ll have to come check back later and try again. Alternatively, feel free to start fresh and register a new account.